This module cooperates with Systemd watchdog to restart the process in case the internal event loop gets stuck. The upstream Systemd unit files are configured to use this feature, which is turned on with the WatchdogSec= directive in the service file.

As an optional feature, this module can also do an internal DNS query to check if resolver answers correctly. To use this feature you must configure DNS name and type to query for:

watchdog.config({ qname = '', qtype = kres.type.A })

Each single query from watchdog must result in answer with RCODE = NOERROR or NXDOMAIN. Any other result will terminate the resolver (with SIGABRT) to allow the supervisor process to do cleanup, gather coredump and restart the resolver.

It is recommended to use a name with a very short TTL to make sure the watchdog is testing all parts of resolver and not only its cache. Obviously this check makes sense only when used with very reliable domains; otherwise a failure on authoritative side will shutdown resolver!

WatchdogSec specifies deadline for supervisor when the process will be killed. Watchdog queries are executed each WatchdogSec / 2 seconds. This implies that half of WatchdogSec interval must be long enough for normal DNS query to succeed, so do not forget to add two or three seconds for random network timeouts etc.

The module is loaded by default. If you’d like to disable it you can unload it:


Beware that unloading the module without disabling watchdog feature in supervisor will lead to infinite restart loop.