Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge in DNSSEC

The module for Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge in DNSSEC Using Key Tag Query, implemented according to RFC 8145#section-5.

This feature allows validating resolvers to signal to authoritative servers which keys are referenced in their chain of trust. The data from such signaling allow zone administrators to monitor the progress of rollovers in a DNSSEC-signed zone.

This mechanism serve to measure the acceptance and use of new DNSSEC trust anchors and key signing keys (KSKs). This signaling data can be used by zone administrators as a gauge to measure the successful deployment of new keys. This is of particular interest for the DNS root zone in the event of key and/or algorithm rollovers that rely on RFC 5011 to automatically update a validating DNS resolver’s trust anchor.


Experience from root zone KSK rollover in 2018 shows that this mechanism by itself is not sufficient to reliably measure acceptance of the new key. Nevertheless, some DNS researchers found it is useful in combination with other data so we left it enabled for now. This default might change once more information is available.

This module is enabled by default. You may use modules.unload('ta_signal_query') in your configuration.