Survey among DNS resolver administrators

Administrators of resolver software from any vendor are invited to participate in this survey!

Goals of this survey are:

  • Determine typical use-cases and most widely used features.
  • Gather snippets of configuration files to provide DNS software developers with better understanding how users configure DNS resolvers in real deployments.

If you are Knot Resolver administrator, we are very interested in knowing what policies, access control, and data manipulation features you use! We believe these features in Knot Resolver are harder to use than necessary, and less performant than necessary, so we need input from you to understand what features are used most often and how we can improve them.

Our current plan is to rework modules which provide policies and manipulate cache (e.g. hints/policy/prefill/rebinding/view), possibly even in an incompatible way if we determine it is needed, so you now have an perfect opportunity to influence user interface of these features or to request new ones.

Your answers will help us to make informed decisions during Knot Resolver development.

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