Official sources

Releases are signed with personal keys:

B600 6460 B60A 80E7 8206  2449 E747 DF1F 9575 A3AA
BE26 EBB9 CBE0 59B3 910C  A35B CE8D D6A1 A50A 21E4
4A8B A48C 2AED 933B D495  C509 A1FB A5F7 EF8C 4869

Tarballs for versions before 1.4.0 were signed by key:

DEF3 5D16 E5AE 59D8 20BD  F780 ACE2 4DA9 EE37 A832

Official upstream packages

We maintain repositories with the latest stable packages for various distributions.

Follow these instructions to add this repository to your system.

You can check the latest version, along with the list of supported distributions and architectures in home:CZ-NIC:knot-resolver-latest project in Open Build Service.

Building from sources

The Knot Resolver depends on the 2.6.4 (and higher) version of the Knot DNS library, LuaJIT and libuv. See the Building project documentation page for more information.

Docker image

This is simple and doesn't require any dependencies or system modifications, just run:

$ docker run cznic/knot-resolver

See the build page for more information and options.


The project builds a resolver library in the lib directory, and a daemon in the daemon directory.

$ kresd -h

See the documentation at