Professional support

CZ.NIC organization offers professional support for users who depend on Knot Resolver. If DNS resolving is critical for your bussiness professional support contract is strongly recommended.

Requests from customers always take priority over free support and our support contracts provide customers with SLA and NDA they need.

Contact us

Please contact us on e-mail, we are happy to tailor support and consultancy contracts to your needs.

Our experience

Knot Resolver team is part of CZ.NIC organization and has plenty of experience with solving wide range of issues: Misconfigurations, convoluted interactions between load balancers and authoritative servers, debugging crashes in DNS servers and clients, and also finding security issues in DNS software.

CZ.NIC also offers services for authoritative server Knot DNS, routing daemon BIRD, and since 1998 we also operate our own anycast network for DNS top-level domain CZ. This gives us insight and better understanding of problems in real-world deployments.

Open-source funding

Customers who purchase our professional services directly support research and development of open-source DNS software. Thank you!