Knot Resolver 5.7.1 released


  • CVE-2023-50868: NSEC3 closest encloser proof can exhaust CPU
    • validator: lower the NSEC3 iteration limit (150 -> 50)
    • validator: similarly also limit excessive NSEC3 salt length
    • cache: limit the amount of work on SHA1 in NSEC3 aggressive cache
    • validator: limit the amount of work on SHA1 in NSEC3 proofs
    • validator: refuse to validate answers with more than 8 NSEC3 records
  • CVE-2023-50387 "KeyTrap": DNSSEC verification complexity could be exploited to exhaust CPU resources and stall DNS resolvers. Solution boils down mainly to limiting crypto-validations per packet.

    We would like to thank Elias Heftrig, Haya Schulmann, Niklas Vogel and Michael Waidner from the German National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE for bringing this vulnerability to our attention.


  • update addresses of (!1478)


  • fix potential SERVFAIL deadlocks if net.ipv6 = false (#880)