Knot Resolver 1.99.1-alpha released

Knot Resolver 1.99.1-alpha has been released. This is an experimental release meant for testing aggressive caching.

It contains some regressions and might (theoretically) be even vulnerable. The current focus is to minimize queries into the root zone.


  • negative answers from validated NSEC (NXDOMAIN, NODATA)
  • verbose log is very chatty around cache operations (maybe too much)


  • dropped support for alternative cache backends and for some specific cache operations
  • caching doesn't yet work for various cases:
    • negative answers without NSEC (i.e. with NSEC3 or insecure)
    • +cd queries (needs other internal changes)
    • positive wildcard answers
  • spurious SERVFAIL on specific combinations of cached records, printing: <= bad keys, broken trust chain
  • make check
  • a few Deckard tests are broken, probably due to some problems above
  • unknown ones?